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Competition Guide

A simple guide to how The BPA works

How we do what we do

Our competition is based around a desire to be more objective, and less exclusivist. We are a forward thinking, community-led movement that encourages fair competition and responsible action. To this end, here is a simple guide to how The BPA works...

Images can have been taken anywhere in the world and at any time in the past.

Each photo is £5 to enter. Half of this money goes to a charity you select & half goes into the prizes, card processing and tax. You may enter as many categories as you please, and support any combination of charities you choose. Click Here to see our prize offerings

Your photos will be reviewed to ensure they meet our stringent ethical, and legal guidelines.

Our heavyweight industry Judges will then review your images and assign their scores accordingly. A shortlist of technically well executed and well-regarded imagery is then presented to BPA staff.

Having learned a lot from other more subjective competitions over the years and in order to maintain our ethical model, this shortlist is then marketed heavily (and evenly) for targeted public voting for an extra 'People's Choice Award'.

But how does this make the competition 'better'?

  • The entrants are not required to 'push' their own work, and will enjoy a great deal of publicity upon being short-listed.
  • We will use highly targeted channels, that will predominantly seek votes from fellow photographers.
  • The BPA will ensure that your imagery is seen by a vast number of photographers, evening out the playing field, and avoiding any 'popularity contests' that plague other public votes.
  • We use a 2-step authentication system to minimise fraudulent voting and the process is closely monitored.

This model ensures that The BPA remains as ethical as possible, while heeding both the expert opinions of the industry greats, along with those of your fellow photographers. This grants a fairer, more balanced competition with higher exposure for the practitioners who have helped charity with their work, irrespective if they win an award or not.

To enter the competition, click here to view our categories, or here to register.