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Frequently asked questions (and Answers).

Who can enter The British Photography Awards?

The competition is open to all British-based photographers of any nationality, and all British passport holders anywhere in the world.

Do the photos have to have been taken in the UK?

No, we accept work taken anywhere in the world and of a wide variety of subject matters, see our category listings for more information.

Do the photos have to have been taken in the past 12 months?

No, the photographs entered can have been taken at any point in the past.

Can I enter multiples categories?

Yes, you can as many categories as you wish, up to a maximum of 40 images per discipline.

Do I retain my image copyright after entry?

You retain full ownership of your imagery. No copyright is transferred.

Where can I read more about the Terms and Conditions of Entry?

Our terms and conditions are published here in accordance with UK Competition Law.

How do I support charity?

You pay to enter the competition by buying 'credits' from the BPA website. You can use these credits to tell us which of our roster of charities you would like to support. You can support one charity per image submitted. After card processing fees and applicable tax has been deducted over 90% of your donation reaches the intended charity. Any excess tax returned will be donated as well.

How much does it cost to enter an image?

It costs £5 for one entry credit. This money is operated on a non-profit cash flow and goes to a charity you select from our roster.

Who attends the British Photography Awards?

As befits a national-level arts awards at The Savoy, we host politicians, movie stars, celebrity photographers, association bosses, journalists, critics, curators, collectors and all those photographers nominated from or competition. On top of this we include some charity partners, corporate sponsors and a handful of giveaway recipients.

How do I attend The British Photography Awards?

The awards gala is mainly a celebration of our nominated photographers. These photographers are selected from the competition, judged by independent experts as well a public vote selecting a separate People's Choice awards winner from each category. The top four photographers from each category are invited to attend for free (68 photographers total!).

If I don't want to enter can I still attend The British Photography Awards?

Yes, you can purchase publicly available tickets via Eventbrite for anyone over the age of 18. As a national-interest awards scheme, the photographic showcase, banquet dining and colossal after-party is open to be enjoyed by all.

Isn't a black tie gala a little extravagant for a charity fundraising-based competition?

The competition cash flow and the Awards cash flow are kept completely separate. No competition funds are used for the event in any way. We use corporate sponsorship and public ticket sales to fund the lavish celebration of the competition's photography. The event also awards celebrity and contribution level photographers form across the industry with prizes like Rising Star and the much prized British Photographic Fellowship.

Where can I see who supported which charities?

Each year we publish our entire competition cash flow as part of our Annual Competition Report. This details the breakdown of who supported which charity, where the money went and even who entered which categories.

Do I have to attend the event in order to win a prize?

While it is preferred that you attend the event in person to collect your prize, there is no obligation. It will not affect your chances of being awarded the title, prize or physical trophy. We will ship to anywhere in the world. We can also live-cast you should you have the technology at your location.

Who runs the BPA?

We are a fully independent community-driven venture, with no parent company or managing corporate interest. The team are comprised of photographers, volunteers, charity employees, ambassadors and our three Directors who oversee the Awards, Development and Events respectively.

Is the BPA a limited company?

Yes, the BPA is a limited company registered under UK law. For reference, our registration number is: 10115882

Is there a complaints procedure in place?

Yes, our complaints procedure is set up to be accessible by anyone, whether they have entered the competition or not. Simply email and we will attend to your concerns and direct you to the correct member of our team.