'Water Vole (Arvicola amphibius)' - Terry Whittaker - In Support of Shelter

"15 years ago I was involved in the reintroduction of water voles to a stream in mid-Kent, from which they had become extinct several years earlier. I continued to monitor the voles and photograph their progress building a considerable body of work. This image is of a vole in an old land drain covered in liverwort. East Malling, Kent."

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'In The Dead Man's Forest' - Kirsty Andrews - In Support of The Wildlife Trusts

"This tiny amphipod (Iphimedia obesa) is living in a forest of polyps at the end of a "dead man's finger" (Alcyonium digitatum).  The extended polyps indicate that the soft coral is feeding from the nutrients delivered by the tide.  This site contains a forest of dead men's fingers on the sea floor and if you look closely you can see the amphipods darting from one to another, going about their business unperturbed by diving photographers. Lochcarron, Wester Ross, Scotland."

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