'London Sunset' - Colin Page - In Support of Shelter

"I wanted to create a feeling of town and county. To get the right angle of silhouetted figures and the buildings of London city in the one picture I had lay on the ground. To achieve the balance of shade and light, I had to block out the brightness of the Sun with the trees. 10th June 2017. Leica v-lux 4, f8 @1/1600 sec ISO-160 @ 95mm. The picture was taken in Greenwich Park by the Royal Observatory."

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'Smoker' - Chan-yang Kim - In Support of Doctors Without Borders

"A man lights a cigarette whilst two Jehovah's Witnesses look on. In contrast to their traditional door-to-door approach, they also allow passers-by to approach them in many areas of central Manchester. Fuji X-Pro2. Piccadilly, Manchester."

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