'John Bowen' - Eugene Grobler - In Support of Tusk

"This portrait forms part of a series that seeks to explore, through the medium of photography and its practices, notions related to home, family, community, memory, and self-identity. C.C. Harris notes, in this context, that people everywhere, and at all known times, have lived in groups, lived in society -- that is, in association with one another -- and do not seem to be able to survive as individuals except in some form of association. Halliford Studios, Shepperton."

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'Sophie, 21, (Cymraeg a Benyw/Female and Welsh)' - Rebecca Thomas - In Support of The Wildlife Trusts

This series of colourful portraits consists of Welsh females aged between 5 and 50. The work celebrates the women of the Welsh valleys. The women featured in this project are not defined by social class, statistics or welsh stereotypes, but are empowered by it. We are welsh woman, we are creative, fun, independent and individual. Abergavenny.


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