'Bengal Kitten' - Alexandra Robins - In Support of Shelter

"I will always remember the first time I came face to face with a Bengal cat.  He was majestic in every step he took, coat of fire that sparkled in the light, powerful golden eyes - you couldn't look away. I was very excited to visit again when Bengal cats, Noah and his partner Nala, had 5 beautiful kittens.  The spotty cubs where 8 weeks although, were much bigger than your average kitten. This image was a sweet, playful moment between brother and sister. The kitten, which that big ginger paw belongs to, became my pride and joy just a week later. The image was taken in Cardiff, Wales UK."

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Image Removed due to Terms of Entry:

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We apologise for this missing image, we will replace it with the next highest scoring Northern England Pet photograph.

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