'Grasshopper' - Lucien Harris - In Support of The Wildlife Trusts.

"I noticed an overgrown wasteland behind my brothers house in Charlestown and always wondered what wildlife was in there. One day, I eventually went for a walk and saw many Grasshoppers in the long grass. I've taken pictures before of them before, but wanted to create a different effect and as it was a still day I decided to use a Tripod and the natural light to blur the grasshoppers surroundings and really make the grasshopper stand out. I was so happy with this picture as it focuses attention on the head of the grasshopper perfectly! Overgrown field, Charlestown, Cornwall."

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'A Snail Adventure' - Matthew Jones - In Support of The Wildlife Trusts

"Scouring through the garden and spotting this vibrant and unusual scene of a snail glide its way down, I had to react swiftly with little time before the moment passed. Using my 105mm f/2.8 macro lens, I decided f/14 would keep the whole subject in focus whilst retaining a soft bokeh. What catches my interest is the shape of the petal folding and creating an elegant path down for the snail. The intention behind this image is to encourage photographers not to overlook their back gardens as there are many hidden wonders. Bryndulais, Llanllwni, Carmarthenshire, Wales. May 2017."

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