'The Poppy Picker' - Kevin Sawford - In Support Of The Wildlife Trusts

"I knew roe deer were present at this particular location and would often come out of the local woodlands to feed in the evenings. When I saw the vast number of poppies coming into flower I would head to the area most evenings and my perseverance paid off when I captured a sequence of images of a buck feeding on a poppy flower with this image being my favourite. Near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk."

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'Pine marten (Martes martes)' - Terry Whittaker - In Support of Doctors Without Borders

"A friend maintains a squirrel photography site on the Black isle. We knew that pine martens raided the squirrel peanut feeders at night so I set up a DSLR camera trap to photograph them. Eventually I moved one of the feeders onto a platform and set up a log for the marten to jump from on to the platform. The orange glow in the background is from the lights of Inverness. Black isle, Scotland."

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