Sam is a wildlife and conservation photographer, best known for his work with urban wildlife. He is published regularly in international magazines, books and newspapers and his pictures have been awarded in many competitions, including the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He specialises in storytelling imagery - shooting photojournalistic conservation stories and crafting stand-alone images that connect the subject with its environment. Preferring to use short lenses when possible, he combines fieldcraft and technical knowledge with creative lighting to get as close to his subjects as possible, often using remote triggers and camera traps. Sam regularly gives talks about his work, runs workshops and has judged several photography competitions.

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Linda Wisdom

Linda is a London born photographer, specialising in social documentary, street photography & fine art urban cityscapes, which have been exhibited in gallery shows in the UK & worldwide. Linda is self-taught, turned semi-professional photographer and has had work featured with The Huffington Post, BBC Radio 4, PDN, Light and her work is regularly featured in leading photography publications such as Amateur Photographer and Digital Camera. Her schedule is split between private commissions, teaching street photography workshops and recently being appointed as one of the pioneer London Experience Hosts for Airbnb, through which she hosts international guests on exclusive London street photo tours & workshops. Linda has a group exhibition in Paternoster Square, St. Paul’s, London for 2017. 

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Peter Cairns

Peter is a conservation photographer with nearly 20 years professional experience under his belt. Based in the Scottish Highlands, Peter was co-founder of multimedia projects such as Tooth & Claw, Highland Tiger, Wild Wonders of Europe and more recently, 2020VISION. Peter is a director of The Wild Media Foundation, the Social Enterprise behind his latest initiative SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. An advocate for rewilding, Peter is a serving Board Member of Trees for Life and is a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers.

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Johan J Ingles - Le Nobel

Father to Laurence and Emma and husband to long suffering and patient wife Nini, Johan works as a manager in a software company by day but a photographer by night. Having done a a couple of proper degrees at St.Andrews, Johan was trained in photography by Ken Light at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. A Dutchman living in Surrey England, Johan has had his macro work on the front page of Flickr, featured on the BBC, La Republica, The South China Morning Post,, F Stoppers, Lightstalking, The Photography Blogger, Photography Vox, Cognysis,,, The Smithsonian Magazine, "I F*cking Love Science" webzine, Pentax Premiere Gallery, Pentax Exclusive Gallery, Pentaxforums and in the local media, together with a variety of other online media. In 2015 Johan's work was exhibited in London, Newcastle, Stockport, Bristol, Reading, Weybridge, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Peterborough and Uxbridge and he was made a Pentax Ambassador in August of the same year. Johan work closely with various photography-related manufacturers, providing external quality review, product improvement and new product development services. In 2017 he started giving personalised extreme macro workshops and intends to go on giving them every year.

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Damian Shields

Initially more at home with charcoal and oil paint, Damian began exploring the creative possibilities of photography in his mid-twenties. During a portfolio presentation course at Strathclyde Arts Centre he became acquainted with the darkroom skills that sparked the beginnings of a love affair with the medium. He subsequently progressed to the Fine Art Photography department of Glasgow School of Art, then headed by the renowned landscape photographer Thomas Joshua Cooper. From art school he went on to study electronic publishing at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing, where he continued to develop his skills in digital imaging. When not out shooting the Scottish landscape he works full time as a picture editor for the Herald & Times and freelances in digital retouching.

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Josie Baughan

Josie is a fine art pet photographer based in the East Midlands, creating design-led artwork for discerning pet owners. With a background in illustration and photography she combines her passion for the arts with her love of animals and nature to create bespoke artisan artwork for her clients.

Her style incorporates creative use of light, colour and texture to craft contemporary portraits capturing each animal’s personality and creating tangible artwork with a unique twist on traditional fine art photography. While her focus lies primarily with private commissions and clients, her work is also regularly featured in Dogs Today Magazine, and she frequently collaborates with local animal rescue organisations to promote adoption and animal welfare within the community. Her charity work has even taken her as far as South America where she has photographed shelter dogs to support them in their search for new homes.

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Matt Doogue

Matt is a wildlife photographer in his spare time who specialises in Macro, showcasing the beauty that can be found beneath our feet. Matt is an amateur turned semi professional photographer and has had worked featured with National Geographic, BBC Earth, Canon and published with the UK's leading photography and wildlife magazines. Matt, also a keen conservationist, set up a group called 'A planet fit for nature' to try and educate and inspire future conservationists and naturalists. 

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(ATMstreetart) paints endangered species street art, using urban walls as a reminder of the species that once lived here and could again with improved habitat. There is an urgent need to reverse the catastrophic decline of so many once-common species. The painted walls exist to call attention to the beauty and importance of those living creatures that are so often overlooked and whose needs so often ignored. By bringing colour and beauty to neglected areas the hope is to inspire active participation in further environmental improvements. Small changes repeated on a large scale can have dramatically positive effects.The aim is to help inspire a transformation of our towns, cities and countryside by renaturing and rewilding. Then the art will have achieved its purpose.

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David Lindo

David Lindo is The Urban Birder - broadcaster, writer, speaker and tour leader. His mission is to engage city folk around the world with the plentiful urban nature that surrounds them. He has written countless articles on urban birds, urban conservation and wildlife in general for many websites, publications and magazines and has written the Forwards to several books. He is a regular television and radio presenter and has been featured on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 in the UK as well as other TV and radio channels around the world including CBS in the United States. David is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers and a member of the British Travel Writers Guild. He is the Founder of Britain’s Vote National Bird Campaign in 2015 that resulted in over 226,000 votes, Tower 42 Bird Study Group and is on the committee of The Friends Of Wormwood Scrubs. He is the author of The Urban Birder (Bloomsbury) his successful first book that was published in August 2011 and Tales From Concrete Jungles (Bloomsbury) in 2015. He is a proud Ambassador for Leica Birding and the London Wildlife Trust and a Patron of the Alderney Wildlife Trust and Birding For All – charity dedicated to facilitating access to nature reserves for disabled people. David was recently named as the 7th most influential person in wildlife by BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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Jo Hanley

Jo is an Edinburgh based photographer specialising in portrait photography for corporate, editorial and advertising clients worldwide. Working out of Scotland, Jo produces work for publications, corporations and campaigns, on location and in studios across Britain and internationally. Originally from Australia Jo has been working professionally for the past 10 years supplying images to some of the worlds best known brands and publications. Having started her visual career in film Jo’s work strives to maintain a cinematic atmosphere and strong narrative to her portraits and documentary work. 

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David originally studied Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art and is now a professional photographer living in Scotland. His primary areas of expertise are Landscape, Light Painting and Macro photography. David spends a lot of his time working with international marketing and advertising agencies creating bespoke commission work for rebranding and advertising projects. He has recently worked with SONY and BBDO and has several other interesting projects lined up for later in the year which involve more of his innovative light painting work, as well as more of his notorious macro imagery which is created using tiny figurines (have you met the ‘Little People’ yet?). All of David’s work is available to view (and purchase) via his website and he also teaches regular Light Painting Photography Workshops if you ever fancy learning more about this fascinating technique. In 2014 David also wrote a book on Light Painting which is also available via his website.

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George Stoyle

George is a UK-based photographer, videographer and marine ecologist who specialises in conservation and ecological photography, documenting marine ecological research, telling the stories behind the science, the research methods used and the people involved. The goal of much of George’s photography is to create a fusion of science and imagery, ultimately contributing to a greater understanding and appreciation of the value of science and how it shapes our world. George is also an accomplished landscape photographer and runs regular workshops at his home on the Yorkshire coast. His photos have excelled in a number of national and international photographic competitions as well as appearing in books, magazines and newspapers around the world. He was the overall winner of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016.

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Born and brought up in Glasgow, Scotland. By the age of 18 Ian was DJing by night and studying photography by day. In his second year as a photographer, the BBC made a TV programme about him called ‘A Style Of One’s Own’. He then became Artist in Residence at the Glasgow School of Art and in 1990 held a show representing Glasgow as part of its 'City of Culture' programme. Soon after came his first Album Cover for a famous band followed by a series of portraits published in American Vogue. Ian moved to London in '91 and continued his successful career shooting portraits of artists, celebrities and real people. Three time nominee and recipient of an Honorable Mention in the world’s most prestigious International Photography Awards. Known for his natural, no-gimmicks style, Ian’s images are authentic, honest and strikingly expressive.

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Guy Richardson

Guy is a professional landscape photographer and time-lapse filmmaker, known for his evocative images of the UK landscape. His films and images are used by some of the UK's largest tourism and conservation organisations, including Visit Britain and The Woodland Trust. Guy is well known for his images of Cornwall and Dartmoor, where he spent his earlier years. Now based in Exeter, he has a growing passion for the mountains of the UK, especially in Scotland. Guy spends much of his time in the wildest places of the UK, finding unique and powerful images that capture the landscape at its best, he’s been featured on the cover of LPOTY 2015 and SLPOTY 2016 as well as various publications throughout the UK and beyond. Guy is also now a collaborator for SCOTLAND: The Big Picture.


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Virginie Petorin

Virginie Petorin is a sought after pet photographer who has travelled extenisvely and studied Photography in some influential cities including Paris, London and New York. Originally from La Rochelle, a small coastal town in France, her work carries the essence and beauty of France with the artistic ambience of London. Her work has ranged from cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, new-borns and weddings, and now her main area of interest has become pet photography, which she is highly passionate about.  Virginie is primarily based in London surrounded by the hustle, bustle and hipster culture of the East End, though she continues to work across a number of photography studios around the country and Paris. Together with her best friend and marketing assistant, Coco her dog, she produces remarkable pieces that capture the strong bond and playfulness between owner and dog. Virginie inspires to capture and narrate the beauty of the world and people through the lens of photography.

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Ally McDowell

Ally is an underwater photographer and technical diver who searches for new marine species in the unexplored mesophotic zone from 40 to 120m in oceans around the world.  Ally started diving in 2010 and since 2013 loves the challenge of technical diving where jumping in the water with six tanks and two cameras is the norm.  While Ally’s work often focuses on documenting deep species and deep shipwrecks, it is often the abstract and creative images of common species from shallow depths that garner the most attention in competitions.

Ally’s work has been awarded by NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Underwater Photographer of the Year, and published in numerous media outlets including BBC News, The Guardian, BBC Focus, and Diver.

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Matt is primarily an underwater photographer which complements his other career as a marine biologist. Most of his underwater work is based in the UK with a focus on marine conservation, often offering new perspectives on both our familiar and forgotten marine species. Matt’s work has been published online, in international books, newspapers and magazines and has featured on television. Recent commissions have ranged between photographing whale shark aggregations in the Gulf for high-profile clients, documenting scientific research projects and the promotion of Poole Rocks Marine Conservation Zone in Dorset. Matt’s photography has won several major competitions including the British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2012 and the British Underwater Photography Award in 2015. In 2016 Matt and colleagues won the Duke of Edinburgh Prize for their unique underwater work on the secretive breeding behaviour of black bream. Matt gives regular talks about his work and is always on the lookout for new exciting projects.

Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas Photography started 10 years ago. Since then, he has developed the business from a small wedding photography practice to a bustling studio specialising in kids, weddings, pets and families.

Peter is based in Belfast Northern Ireland, and is the current PPANI contemporary wedding photographer of the year. The studio also holds the current PPANI Pet Photographer of the Year 2017.

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Rory Lewis

Passionate about portraiture, Rory has spent over a decade honing his skills to become one of the UK’s most prolific portraitists. His work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London and exhibited Worldwide. Sitters from Sir Patrick Stewart, to Sir Ian McKellen, William Shatner, Natalie Dormer. All have sat as muse for his inventive scenarios and direction. German Expressionism lit a fire like no other, as he became enthralled with the period’s cinematography, themes and visual effects. It didn’t take long for this passion to manifest itself as a keen interest in photography. However, his love for the historical and political would not be quelled by this new-found interest – and eventually Rory would marry these two areas of study as one overwhelming passion; a passion which bordered on obsession. So much of the portraiture commissioned in the press and print industry is reluctant to take risks. Rory challenges that safety to introduce moments of spontaneity and awkwardness into imagery; too often the portraits of people, often notorious or famous, are aggrandising and sycophantic. Rory works to strip back some of the layers of artifice and enforce strangeness and quietness in its place.

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