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Director's Note

GBP Raised Per Charity - 2017

I'm honoured to be able to announce the winners of the 2017 British Photography Awards! We want to thank everyone who supported this innovative project: the judges who kindly donated their time, all those who spread the word on social media and, of course all those photographers who entered this year's competition.

A happy byproduct of our model is that aside from showcasing British photographic talent, we also raise money for charity. Mouse over the 'Charity Wheel' (right) to find out where your charity support ended up.

Our grass roots model, our community of ambassadors, and popularity on social media all helped make this year a success, and I can't wait to get stuck in to next year's process. Excitingly, after numerous demands this year, in 2018 we are planning to implement an expanded awards night so we can better represent the British photographic sector as a whole. For more details of this, or if you have any other questions, do get in touch,

I hope you enjoy the imagery as much as I have,

H. Donnithorne-Tait

Awards Director

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Instagram Highlights: 2017