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This is where you can enter up to 10 of your photos into ONE regional category of The British Photography Awards. You may, of course, enter multiple categories and support multiple charities. Our entry fee is set at £15 per 10 photos - half going to charity, half going to prizes etc. Nobody takes a salary out of this project.

In our first year we are accepting photos taken at any time, including those submitted to other competitions, so now is your chance to show us your best so far! 

Your photos must be entered into the region in which they were taken, and must be accompanied by a caption that includes their location.


Some people have reported seeing a 'beta build' version of our counties list, so please take a minute to recheck where your photos were taken:

Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern England, Central England, Southern England.

Note: If you require special assistance with your entry, please message our team directly: office@britishphotographyawards.org.

 All entries must be received by the deadline of June 30th 2017 at 2359 GMT. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions of entry (click here to view them) to be sure that your submission conforms to them.