Newsflash: The current trends aren't good.

Denying responsibility really isn't a grown-up course of action. Nor is it going to keep us off the scrap heap. Teenage thinking fails us in this: The Anthropocene. It will be such a waste of a species that has the whole galaxy in its head. The Earth will shrug us off and forget we ever existed; just more dust on the mantle. The continents will still shift, the world will turn, and life will continue long after all our wristwatch batteries have died. But Earth Day is not, necessarily about The Earth. It is about sustainability, the sustainability of the current cycle of 'life as we know it'.

Let's face it, it is our human nature leading us to auto-eradication... Cheery, I know.

It is hard not to focus on paychecks. It is hard not to focus on holiday plans. It is hard not to focus on our immediate circle of friends and family. It is hard to mentally remove ourselves from the glorious grind and consider the wider sphere of concern. I know this is true, I speak from experience. What we need is leadership. It is what humans have always needed. Perhaps not leadership in a traditional sense, from on high, from some vague figure on a podium telling us what to do - but from within. A discipline that comes from placing yourself in a state of awareness, of motivating oneself to acquire knowledge, of cause and effect, of harm and heart, and most of all: of potential. 

It is very easy to get lost. It is very easy to sit in the dark. It is very easy to feel helpless. But we, as a species, are the most powerful unit The Earth has ever seen. Sadly, we have demonstrated this in some extremely negative ways to date, to the detriment of our only home.

The arguments for each individual pivoting their thinking onto a unified eco-friendly course have been echoing from our megaphones for decades. And I believe, we are tired of feeling a nagging guilt of our situation. As a backdrop for our life, the steady decline of our natural context is not a desirable trend. It violates our psyche in a truly primal way. Those aware of the issues all feel it in some varying measure.

What is required is not a unified direction of thought, all on one theme, in one direction. this gives us too much scope for reversion and lying idle. Instead, what is needed is an individually directed shift. Each one of us pivoting to our own direction, and contributing to the situation how best We can.

In this age of interoperability, of near boundless integration, and global communication, it has never been easier to find out how each person can contribute to the cause. Model yourself on those you admire. Harness your skill set. Wade through the standing water of potential to find where you can stand firm, on a rocky outcrop of purpose. Add value to The Earth. Be a figurehead for those that will follow in the years to come. Let people model themselves on you and your actions. Act responsibly.

Denying our human instincts to hunt and gather, to hoard and consume in favour of a truly trite sounding: "higher path" is the only way out of this. The Earth will go on spinning through the void. It all depends if we want to remain aboard Her, if we want to behave to the fullest of our potential as evolved, adult, dual-thumbed wonders.


Link : Earth Day Network