Final call for all entries to the 2017 competition!

As we draw to the end of an exciting first year of fundraising we have to stop and thank all the individuals who are donating their time to this project, all the people who have lent support, advertised us for free and mentioned us in their blogs/casts/articles. The community support for this project has been incredibly moving for those who believe in the model, and we have managed to build and test a new kind of photography competition together. 

Next year we hope to build on our grass-roots, organically grown fanbase and implement a wider ambassador project that engages with local communities. We hope to return a sense of 'local' to British photography and help emerging talent year on year.

We wish all those who have entered already the best of luck in the judging process, and to all those yet to enter we say: the clock is ticking!

- The BPA Team