Over the years as a Photography Marketing Mentor I’ve helped 100’s of photographers around the world market their photography correctly and make a lot more money doing a job they really love. Social Media is one of your best photography marketing tools at your disposal but quite often I see many photographers approaching Facebook and especially LinkedIn completely the wrong way.

Jeff Brown in the field

Jeff Brown in the field

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform and it’s easy to make great returns with no investment in LinkedIn Adverts and just using a free account. To date my best week so far I took £6,000 in sales on my LinkedIn platform and I just use a free account myself and don’t run LinkedIn Adverts. It’s all about getting your profile spot on and making those valuable connection the right way so you can open up dialog with clients. One of the best ways as a photographer to make money on LinkedIn is to market to a niche. Don't advertise yourself as a photographer of anything and everything. Try to develop your profile around one particular market. 

For example, yes I'm a marketing consultant and social media expect, as well as running a very successful photography business. However my profile is based purely around using my photography skills to help photographers, even though I work with businesses large and small around the world with their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. 

So for instance if you are a commercial photographer but you are struggling to get noticed try a niche profile. For example you may have some good stock images of food or hotels so why not create a profile as a hospitality industry photographer then start connecting with people in that industry. Make sure you connect with the decision makers, maybe managers or owners of pubs, restaurants and hotels and always try to personalise each connection and sell the benefits of your services. Remember people buy benefits not services and people buy from people they like so bring your personality across in your communications. 

Remember your profile name, job title and summary are extremely important. Make them stand out for example your name and title woundn't be just John Smith and job title Photographer. 

Instead your name would be "John Smith - Hospitality Industry Photographer" (yes get your job in the name's section too, no one does this but it works amazingly), and your job title would be "Helping the Hospitality Industry book more clients and improve social profiles with High Impact Attention Grabbing Images" or something like that. 

Do you get it? It's worked fantastically for me, every day I get 20-30 new photographers wanting to connect and just last month alone I had over 10 photographers wanting to employ my services to help them make a six figure turnover in their photography business. The best part is I never have to try to sell or run LinkedIn ads my title, summary and helpful free tips and advice brings clients directly to me. Drop me an email to info@focusonmarketing.co.uk or message me on facebook @focusonmarketing if you'd like any tips on how to improve your profile and boost your photography business in general. Look forward to hearing from you and happy photographing. Thank you for reading.

Jeff Brown runs a successful marketing business and offers advice to photographers of all ages and stages. Get in touch to find out more.