The BPA is geared towards using the positive power of photography. Together we can do great things and harness the immense power that imagery can have on the world. Each charity we work with and each entrant into the competition is already helping us do this. But why is World Photo Day celebrated on the 19th of August?


Almost two centuries ago today, the “practical photographic process”– Daguerreotype– was developed by Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. Its precursor, the first ever filming process Heliography, required eight hours of work. Daguerreotype, however, required 20-30 minutes. Today, it takes less than a second to take a photograph and a couple more to get it printed.

Today we celebrate all that we have achieved, and look forward to all that we have yet to do, as we strive to better the world for man and beast alike.

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