Calling all photographers, charity workers, teachers, course leaders, conservationists and related industry professionals. We are looking for people of all ages to show their support of the British Photography Awards by becoming an official Ambassador.

Its FREE to apply and there are a host of benefits including:

  • Show your colours. As well as becoming an official ambassador to the awards, you get to download a BPA logo  for your own personal use. You can really do as much or as little as you like with it, but people have already put it on their websites, email signatures - even on a surfboard! The more visibility we have together, the more our charities will benefit!

  • Gain visibility online. Apply now, and we will review your website/FB page/Photoshelter/500px and like & share it accordingly on our social media. Our team love helping people get discovered!

  • Send in Photo Journals. Each month we will let our ambassadors to send in photo series either with or without text, if you want to send us some work, we will help the world see it, and, of course provide our constructive feedback.

  • Recommend us your favourite charity. As an ambassador, you will have the right to get in contact with our charity resource team and recommend us charities to fundraise for for next year's awards! We welcome talking to all UK-Charities; large or small! We are here to help.
  • Get in the Ambassador's Directory. After we have completed the scheme, we will publish a page with a directory of ambassadors on, which will always be visible. This will include links to your own websites and majorly help your SEO and online presence.

  • Start an official community page. If you would like to, our Team will start you a photo community page on Facebook, officially linked to the British Photography Awards that you can administrate, with our blessing, and manage your local photographic community in whatever category or region interests you. We want to support and stimulate local photo groups and communities to help photography as a whole in the UK.

  • Make a friend. Always have access to a specific member of staff here at the BPA so you can reach out to us at any time with questions, queries or requests. Having someone on the inside is really useful sometimes, especially for discussing side projects, charity fundraising and school visits etc.

  • FREE entrance to the end of year show! This will be the most exciting part of all and we can't wait to have you all to view the year's winners. Once details of this year's show are announced, all of our Ambassadors will be contacted and sent their free tickets. The only other people who are being given free entry are our judges!

For more information please visit our new Ambassador's page, here. Please share/forward it to whomsoever you think would enjoy the oppertunity.

Thank you for your time today! - "The Toggies" Team