Please read the following descriptions carefully and decide which category you wish to enter. While we know that ten submissions are not many, especially for some photographers, our aim here is to really condense and simplify the process for all involved, and make it affordable for young and old alike.

Should you wish to enter multiple categories then you will have to arrange for a separate submission. Thankfully, this will allow you to donate to a second charity - or the same one again of course!

You can win a British Photography Award in these CATEGORIES:

1. Water Life – Here is the place to upload all of your aquatic wildlife pictures. This includes all creatures of the sea and freshwater alike, not including birdlife (which has a separate category [3]) Show us what creatures you have seen in or on the lakes, rivers and seas of these proud islands. All subjects must be in their natural situation.

2. Land Animals – This category is dedicated to all the wild creatures that roam the wilderness, slither on it, or burrow inside of it. We hope to see iconic British wildlife as well as some lesser encountered characters portrayed in an imaginative way. All subjects must be in their natural situation.

3. Birdlife– This is birdlife 101, any and all of your spectacular wild bird photos are what's required here. We are looking for a wide range of subjects from the seemingly everyday to the scarcely sighted. A quick request from our judges: If the bird is not usually native to the British Isles please say so in your caption along with the specifics of where you sighted it. All subjects must be in their natural situation.

4. Landscape Photography – Our aim with this category is to showcase Great Britain and Northern Ireland at their finest, and document things as they are. We gladly accept both urban and rural vistas and encourage novel perspectives, original outlooks and fresh re-imaginations of classic images.

5. Street Photography – With so much urbanisation on our collection of islands, it is vital to embrace the possible beauty and rich variety of street photography. From rural country high streets to the shady alleys of our great metropolises - demonstrate both passion and vision for your work.

6. Portraits of the People – Where would we be without our multicultural and all-embracing society? This is an opportunity to share your most powerful portraits, and capture the essence of what it means to be British. We want a huge variety of subjects, lighting choices and interesting situations (both inside and outdoors) as we delve into an investigation of the people that make Britain so Great.

7. Macro –  If small is indeed beautiful, then we want to showcase the often overlooked, intricate details that make up our every day life. This little corner of the competition is geared towards portraying the small details. From insects straddling water droplets to miniature toy figurines in obscure settings, this is British macro at its finest.

8. Pets – Life in Britain would be far less colourful without our faithful pets. This competition is aimed at honouring the special place that dogs, cats and horses (for example) have in our lives. Show us the character of those animals closest to your heart. That said, the BPA will not accept pictures of exotic pets due to requests from our charities, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


For more information and rules regarding the categories please read our terms page.