British Photography has an enormous heritage, spanning over 180 years; since the dawn of the technology itself. We have always been recognised as creative pioneers and each year British talent is visible at the forefront of the global photographic community as we continue to innovate, and inspire the world.

A huge boom in the popularity and accessibility of photography in recent years has led to a more unified, more globalised marketplace than ever before, one in which the need for top level imagery is ever increasing. The power of the photograph is a daily feature of our modern lives; both on and offline.

We represent British photographers the world over, with a focused aim to highlight, award and celebrate talent. We are staffed by photographers, judged by experts and raise money for some very important charities.

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2017: Walking before we ran

Last year we developed our roots in charitable fundraising, and enjoyed a hugely successful regional competition with the support of an incredible community. With over 6400 photographs sent in, the BPA established itself as an ethically centred awards scheme based around three core drives:

1) Preserving the image rights of photographers,

2) Being as inclusive and ethically centred as possible,

3) Supporting charitable organisations who strive to better our green and pleasant lands.

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2018: So, What's next?

Building on this, our 2018 awards model is geared towards promoting both individual and collective talent to the world. There are loads of ways to get involved, but mostly we can't wait to share our plans for the inaugural British Photography Awards event that will be held in Q4 of this year.

This means we will be working on a different schedule to last year.

As we are still tweaking a few things, the best place for more information on our new competition schedule and event plans is here. Or to be kept up to date, subscribe to our mailing list using the box found at the bottom of each page.