Our regionally-based Charity Awards

The British Photography Awards is a fully independent body, showcasing the finest photographs taken in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. Our team administers a series of regional photography prizes in a range of categories that call for the very best of British photography.

However, this is really only half of our story. Unlike many other projects, we are not solely dedicated to highlighting the photographer's art. Instead, we work with different UK charities to help communities that support the competition itself. These organisations are selected based on both their operational ethics and real-world effectiveness.


By choosing to enter the Charity Awards, you will be directly contributing to the betterment of these green and pleasant lands, and those further afield. In addition of course, there is the high level of prestige and national exposure that comes from entering a competition of this scope.

Our entry fee is set at £15, and for this you are able to submit ten photos in any one chosen regional category. Upon entering, each person is able to select the charity they wish to support and half of the entry fee (£7.50) will be added to the donations for that organisation. After entry, The BPA team will sort through the photographs, and present the judges with their task. 

Our competition is designed to welcome work from professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers of all ages, and taken on any camera.


The remaining £7.50 of the entry fee goes towards facilitating our prizes system. For further details of this system, please visit our Prizes page. In brief though, our system provides for.

  • 32 Regional category awards
  • 8 National Runner-Up awards
  • 8 Grand Prizes

Our prizes scale with the popularity of the competition so all money is used to maintain the model. We have even factored in the payment charges for credit/debit cards to come out of our running costs. This ensures that every penny of your £7.50 reaches the charity you select. We aim to be as honest and transparent as possible and should you have any concerns or questions about our process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

Together we can make a huge change and help the less fortunate. From humanitarian projects, wounded veterans and green energy, to animal welfare and habitat protection - if you support it so shall we. You have our sincerest thanks should you choose to get involved.

"Use the power of photography to directly help the world."

The team are developing similar innovative projects worldwide using a broad network of contacts, charity workers, volunteers and friends. Launching soon: The American Photography Awards!